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We understand how valuable your data is to you. That's why we offer free website migration to BlueRack from other hosting providers, ensuring your data stays safe and you can relax.

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Basic Migration - How it Works

Let’s begin the Migration of your site.

If you're thinking about switching your hosting services, you've come to the right place! We offer free account transfers to BlueRack Hosting for anyone looking to move their website from another provider.

We'll set up an easy-to-use support desk to help you start and complete the migration process. This way, we can gather important details like where your control panel is, your FTP host, and your login information.

Once you finish, you'll get a message, we will generate a support ticket, and our migration squad will jump into action. The ticket will allow you to communicate with our team 24/7.

In the last step You just need to connect your domain to BlueRack's server, and then your website will be up and running with BlueRack Hosting. If you need help with this, we're here for you.

We'll offer cPanel for managing your website. If you're already using cPanel with your current hosting provider, you'll find it convenient. Plus, our Migration experts can smoothly transfer all your cPanel stuff—like your website, email, and files—to our environment.

Please note that moving your website to another server might take around 5 workdays. The time it takes can vary depending on factors like the website's size, limitations and restrictions set by the previous host, connectivity, and other external factors, even though our team works quickly and skillfully.

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Premium Migration - How it Works

Are you facing challenges with migrating your website, especially one that constantly updates in real-time? Keep your cool! Our team at BlueRack Hosting is here to ensure a seamless transition for you. We specialize in migrating websites and databases that are crucial to your operation and have dynamic, real-time data, thanks to our Premium Migration service. Simply reach out to our Migration Specialists, and they'll handle all the intricacies for you. Avail of our top-tier Migration service for just ₹750 per Account.

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Shared Hosting

The major pro of shared hosting is cost. This is a very affordable option, making it a good choice for small businesses or startups on a tight budget.

Starting at: ₹87/mo

Cloud Hosting

Experience Cloud Hosting excellence – seamless scalability, unmatched reliability, and high performance. Run the business of the future with our next-gen Cloud Hosting Solutions.

Starting at: ₹420/mo

Wordpress Hosting

BlueRack is the ultimate choice of WordPress hosting for developers, agencies, and SMBs looking to host their high-performing websites and applications.

Starting at: ₹190/mo

Reseller Hosting

BlueRack Reseller Hosting is the perfect way for web designers to make money online. BlueRack makes it easy for you to become a web host. Resell Cpanel to your clients.

Starting at: ₹700/mo

Master Reseller Hosting

Start your own hosting company with your own Brand, with our fully white-labeled Reseller Hosting solutions. Your customers will love their faster sites, up to 30X faster Turbo servers.

Starting at: ₹2450/mo

Alpha Reseller Hosting

Start your own hosting company with your own Brand, with our fully white-labeled Reseller Hosting solutions. Your customers will love their faster sites, up to 30X faster Turbo servers.

Starting at: 3850/mo

Restrictions of basic migration

The Basic Migration request needs to be instigated by the customer within 7 days of their initial registration.

We can help move small and medium-sized websites with less than 5GB of storage with our basic migration. For bigger websites like large businesses, you might want to check out our Premium Migration service.

We are committed to promptly completing your migrations, typically within a timeframe of up to 5 business days. In the event that additional processing time is required, rest assured, we will promptly notify you upon receipt of your request.

If your website has many files (inodes) or files with special symbols in their names, transferring it to our server might have some problems. We'll do our best to help, but it's important for the client to make sure all the needed data gets moved to our server.

In the event that any file(s) contain malicious or harmful code, our anti-malware software is equipped to potentially quarantine such files either during or after the migration process. Regrettably, we must uphold strict standards and cannot permit our clients to execute such files on our server infrastructure.

When moving from one cPanel to another, we might need you to allow our server's IP address on your old hosting provider's server.

Websites like online stores and forums that are always updating need special attention to avoid losing data. If a website needs maintenance or scheduled migration, it won't qualify for the Basic Migration offer and will need the Premium Migration service instead.

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If your website needs special setups like reverse proxies or complicated configurations, it can't be moved with Basic Migration. Instead, you'll need to use our Premium Migration service.

If you've added redirects in a .htaccess file or through your old hosting provider's control panel, they won't be moved over with this service. You'll have to handle that with your developer or webmaster's assistance.

To be eligible for the Basic Migration offer, customers need to submit a support ticket and share their FTP, Control Panel Login, and Database Login details from their previous host. This helps speed up the transfer process. Additionally, customers must assist in contacting their old hosting provider if any technical issues arise. They're responsible for getting all necessary details from their previous provider so our technical team can transfer the account smoothly.

Important: Kindly keep your current hosting account active until we finish transferring everything to BlueRack and redirect your domain to our services.

Important Additional Migration Notes

Our migration service doesn't cover setting up DNS and third-party services. You'll need to do these tasks yourself. For example, you'll need to move your DNS records to BlueRack web hosting DNS, set up Cloudflare, update the A record or nameservers with your domain name registrar, and arrange your email service.